Presidents Message March 2024

Over the past 30 years, the Music Club has provided some great entertainment at the best price possible. We cannot please all of our members every time but we do hope that what we choose is still good enough to sit and enjoy. When choosing artists for the year, we do our homework, we listen to recommendations and we even visit venues to have a listen. Recently, we have had a night which just didn’t go right for anybody and was disappointing for all, including the artists, so it is timely that I can guarantee our entertainment on April 8th. Antonio and Kate Villano. They have been booked to present a programme of popular songs, stage hits and even a touch of Italian favourites. I have worked with this duo, I have played their music on my radio programme, l have followed them to various venues and l promise you won’t get better – Antonio’s Italian tenor voice and Kate’s sultry blues, present their songs individually and their harmonies are perfect. As President, l will put my neck out and give you a 99.9% guarantee that our next Club night will be one of the best for the year and looking ahead, there are shows which will be almost as good. Become a member on line this week (or next Club night) at $60 for the year and join us for the next nine shows with your only cost of $32 per night for a scrumptious dinner. Love you to join us. If you have already, you know how welcome you are.

David Sabine
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Adelaide Music Club 2024

Year Ending December 2023

Another good year for the Adelaide Music Club in 2023, with membership numbers slowly climbing after the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic. Of course, we had to cancel many Club nights and quite a number of our members decided it was too risky to attend the nights that we had. Pre-Covid, we saw a membership of 280, in 2023 we had a membership of 201 We have sine noticed a lot of new faces. A big Welcome to you, but to make the Club viable and able to afford good entertainment, we do need a membership of about 250.

As we move into our 30th Anniversary on the 7th March 1994, the committee believes we have an attractive and varied programme in 2024, which we hope will attract another 30 or 40 new members. Please spread the word. All costs have gone up and the musicians/entertainers are no exception. At the AGM, the committee will ask our members to approve an increase in membership fees of $10.00 making the annual fee $60. We hope this will not affect you as the 11 nights of entertainment will only cost you $5.45 per night for some excellent enjoyment. The cost per night for visitors is $18.

The husband-and-wife team, Mimi and Donato De Ieso continue to provide the very best in venues and cuisine and support the Club in every way possible. Over 200 tasty meals served in about 20 minutes, kicks off a great night each month.

To run a Club as we have, there are many thanks to go to our voluntary workers. My Vice President Brian Addis supports the Committee and each month arrives at the Grand Ballroom early afternoon to set up lighting and sound. After each show, he would appreciate some assistance to put equipment away. With enough hands, it doesn’t take long.

Club Secretary Pam Bessell has put her hand up this year to attend each Committee meeting, process and circulate the minutes to keep us on our toes and also helping out on Club nights.

Treasurer Eric Fiebig is the patriarch of our group. A good bean counter, Eric balances the books and reports our financial position after each Club night. You will see from Eric’s report, that we had to delve into our reserves to the tune of $2,000 which was largely made up of the building of our website. The website has been a huge success as many members are using it for information and monthly bookings. Increased membership numbers and increased member’s fees should balance the books.

Table co-ordinator Myra Starrick  has done another amazing job again in 2023, trying to satisfy the whims and fancies of over 200 members plus the arrival of unbooked visitors and the non-attendance of booked members. Annoying but a fact of life and Myra does it all.

Without a Music Co-ordinator, we wouldn’t have a Music Club. Phill Williams has the un-enviable job of finding, booking and co-ordinating the talent month by month. There were a couple of hiccups of non-appearance of talent this year, but Phil was able to book other talent quickly and work behind the scenes. Members would not have been aware of the difficulties. The show must go on.

In 2023, a Club member Mel Tickle joined our committee ranks after a plea on a Club night to find a support/assistant treasurer for Eric Fiebig. Mel put his hand up and over the last few months, has proven to be a constructive and supportive member, as well as his invaluable knowledge of the entertainment industry in Adelaide as lead singer of the Groove Brothers and Soul Sister group.

 Monthly raffles are so important to our budget. You, our member, has raised $5,500 over the year in your monthly raffle spend, which equates to more than 2 entertainer’s fees on our Club nights. Raffles are up by $2.000 on the previous year – an excellent result and I do promise, I call the numbers and you will win a prize, IF you have the right ticket number.

In my first President’s report in 2017, I was proud to acknowledge the 279 paying members. As I have mentioned, Covid destroyed many businesses including our Club but slowly, we have rebuilt and it would be wonderful to see 260, 270 or even 280 members again. That makes the Club viable, our committee could put on a special programme each year and the “vibes” in the Grand Ballroom would again be wonderful. Things have changed since then with Facebook, our own website and booking procedures making it easier to book months ahead if you wish and for us to let you know the latest information.

I look forward to a strong and voluntary – but professional committee in 2024 which we hope will provide better entertainment and more and more members. We hope you as a very important member, will continue to join as a member in 2024 with a visitor or two who may well become a member.

Thank you so much for the support of our Club and the committee in 2023. It is your club and we will be as strong as you allow us to be.

May 2024 be kind to us all.

David Sabine
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Adelaide Music Club 2023

AGENDA AGM Monday 5th February 2023

Music Club Minutes AGM Monday 6th February 2023

Music Club Annual Fin Statement 2023

Committee Notes:
Adelaide Music Club Committee for 2024
President: David Sabine                     
Vice President/Lighting: Brian Addis
Treasurer: Eric Fiebig                         
Secretary: Pam Bessell
Music Coordinator: Mel Tickle            
Table Coordinator: Myra Starick

Committee members: Rosaleen Aust, Monica Belosevic, Devon Mellows and Tini Russo

The committee regularly meets 2 weeks before the event and in a new venue, The Henley & Grange RSL clubrooms. We thank them for the use of their clubrooms.
The committee has decided to reduce the size of the dance floor to allow more room for tables and seating. 
At all events the band will be asked to position themselves on the upper part of the stage to enable all attendees to more easily see the performance.
For three events during the year there will be an increased visitor’s fee or $55 per person for the Meal and Show.  

The events for 2024 will be:
May Monday 6th
Greg Hart makes his first appearance at the Adelaide Music Club. His Johnny O’Keefe, John Lennon and Neil Diamond renditions should not be missed.

Featuring the most popular songs over past decades plus the magnificent voices of Samantha’s daughters, Jasmine and Aisha.

International piano/organist Chris McPhee from the Capri Cinema will entertain with a full range of toe tapping classics with the voice of Roxanne Hosking – Christine from “Les Misérables”.


  • Contact your table captain.
  • Contact table coordinator by email or by text at 0428821040.
  • “Book a Show” on the website
  • When booking provide names attending for checking payment
  • Give any dietary requirements.
  • Bookings by Wednesday November 1st. If you are then unable to attend, please let the table coordinator by at least12 noon on Sunday November 5th.

BOOKING & PAYMENT CONDITIONS – The Adelaide Music Club is responsible for payment of all the meals that are booked by the last cut off day i.e. Sunday at 12 noon.

If you book and don’t advise the table coordinator by 12 noon on the Sunday before, you are responsible for the payment of that meal and will be charged for it when next attending. If you book and make a bank transfer payment and don’t advise the table coordinator by 12 noon on the Sunday before, the payment stands as the Club is charged for that meal.

If you have booked and made a bank transfer payment and do advise the table coordinator before 12noon on Sunday you need to inform the table coordinator what you want done with the money i.e. whether you will leave the payment or you want it in credit for the next time you attend. 

So advise the table coordinator if you are unable to attend by 12 noon on the Sunday before the event.

VENUE – The Grand Ballroom. 443 Tapleys Hill Road, Fulham Gardens

The function centre is an attractive, spacious auditorium and caters wonderfully for the Music Club. There is adequate parking on site and in the nearby shopping centre. Tables are in a cabaret setting and meals (served as alternate drop) are served from about 7 p.m. Drinks are available from the bar. Tables are for 10 people. Please notify the table coordinator of any dietary requests.


Fees for the evening are: Meal and show for members $32. Meal and show for non-members $50. Raffle tickets are $1 per ticket.

 Payment by bank transfer is the preferred method of payment, less congestion on the night and saves fees to the club. Payment of raffle tickets can be made by bank transfer also.

If paying by bank transfer, please make payment early.  The last recorded payments will be those paid on or before Sunday 5th.

Payment for Music Club can be made by

  • Bank transfer into the Adelaide Music Club People’s Choice Account

Adelaide Music Club Inc
BSB  805-050
Account No 6329 5459

  • Credit /debit card with PayWave option pay at the venue from 5.30 pm. 
  • Cash payments, In the unlikely event that you are paying in cash it is preferable that you bring and pay with the exact amount.

If you were lucky enough to win a meal voucher in the raffle, could you please let the table coordinator know when booking for the evening. Thanks.

And don’t forget to bring it with you on the night!

Raffle tickets help towards funds for the monthly entertainment.

Arrive at the venue from 6 pm to finalise any payment and have a drink at your table.


On arriving at the venue please check the notice board in the foyer for placement of your table.  

If you have made payment by bank transfer, please when entering the venue turn to the right and go to the table and let them know you are here, collect any raffle tickets you have purchased and then go to your table.

If you are paying with a card with PayWave option, please when entering the venue turn to the left tables and make your payment and collect any raffle tickets you purchase.

If you are making a cash payment check with the table immediately to the right as you enter the venue.


Become an Adelaide Music Club Member and enjoy a discount on your meal and show and help to support the local artists performing on the night.

Annual Membership for 2024 is $60 pp and payable in February or your first visit to the club.

2024 Visitors will pay $32 for meals and $18 for show.


Programme for the remainder of 2024 is available here.